We approach game translation seriously at Logrus IT. After all, a game's success is directly linked to the quality of localization.

We strive for in-game text and dialogue that leaves no trace of translation and feels truly authentic. For this reason, we entrust only native speakers of the target language with translating and editorial services. We also run each translation through a multilevel quality check.

In addition to an impressive collection of Russian localizations, we have extensive experience with translating games into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew. There are more than 100 languages in our arsenal, and we can translate your game into an exotic language such as Zulu or Tagalog!


Every player wants an immersive gaming experience - to become absorbed in the atmosphere, to become the hero of a thrilling adventure. Whether this mission is achieved depends heavily on the quality of character voicing and voiceovers.

Game sound design is an arduous, creative process. It requires translating the text, inviting voice actors, recording and assembling all materials, and finally, integrating sound files into the localized version of the game.

Fortunately, we not only have an excellent team of talented sound engineers, but our own recording studio and modern studio equipment. The characters in your game will speak with expressive, memorable voices – sounded by professional actors with extensive experience in film and television shows and programs.


Nothing spoils a fun game like bugs and awkward language bloopers. Alas, no one is insured against errors throughout the various stages of localization.

Our experts will catch these errors and bugs, ensure compatibility across platforms, find untranslated fragments of text, and check the accuracy and consistency levels of the translation.

We can also provide market testing (hall test) and analysis to determine a game's prospects within a given market and identify ways to maximize your project's success.


Multiplatformity is no longer a luxury, but a way of expanding the audience for your project.

We adapt game localization to any platform and device: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, Macintosh, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets on Android, iOS, and more.

Open new horizons with the expert help of Logrus IT!

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