The Last Knight (2022)

The Last Knight is an open-world RPG in which players can move freely from location to location and make their own choices about what their characters will do. For example, they can level up their skills, make new friends, find pets, or take on exciting quests.

The player’s main objective in The Last Knight is to do battle against their foes, including bosses, titans, and other monsters. They can also fight other players in real time or join forces with them and form alliances. To defeat your enemies in this magical universe, you need to skillfully combine the combat skills and tactics you acquire during your adventure.

The game immerses players in its world thanks to its dynamic combat scenes, gorgeous graphics, and excellent sound effects. 4399 adds new features to the title on a regular basis, so players can look forward to lots of amazing new content.

Publisher: 4399
Type of work: interface localization
Platform: Android, iOS
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