Solace State (2023)

Solace State is a visual novella set in the somber, merciless city of Abraxa. It’s an epic tale of a young female hacker named Chloe who’s looking for her missing friend Rebecka.

Abraxa is in thrall to militarized biotech corporations. The main character finds herself thrust into an unusual state of affairs in which she has to make friends and protect the people she loves. There are over 30 characters in the novella, each with their own complex history and colorful personality.

Solace State is a game about friendship, moral choice, and recovering from psychological trauma. The actions the player performs have a direct effect on the course of events in the game and the fate of this gloomy city. Will the main character be able to find Rebecka? Will Abraxa drown in a vortex of despair, or will buds of hope blossom in the hearts of its inhabitants? The city’s future is in your hands.

Logrus IT’s specialists translated the game’s supplementary material into French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.

Solace State on Steam >>
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Publisher: Vivid Foundry
Type of work: marketing materials
Platform: PC, XBOX
Genre: adventure
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