Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend (2023)

Dragon Hunters is an MMORPG with an immersive open world that blends an ancient tribal atmosphere with magic. The story takes place on Star Island, which is inhabited by a number of different tribes, each with their own rich cultures and traditions. The player travels the world with their friends, exploring new locations, meeting new traveling companions with unusual abilities, and fighting powerful dragons.

Star Island is home to some truly amazing creatures. Ice bears, sunbeam dragons, smoky orioles – every creature has its own personality and behavior. But they’re more than just enemies – you can also tame the creatures you encounter, training them to become beloved pets and trusted allies on the battlefield.

Dragon Hunters also has several character classes to choose from, including cannoneer, champion, priest, assassin, and ranger. Each class has its own unique set of weapons, armor, and skills.

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend has already won a large audience on mobile platforms. Although it was originally released in China, the game is also widely available in Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, and other countries.

Publisher: 4399
Type of work: interface localization, voiceover, testing
Platform: PC, Android, iOS
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