Age of Evolution (2023)

Age of Evolution is the first game of its kind, fully combining tower defense with elements of SLG gameplay. In the story, the protagonist takes a spaceship to a world untouched by civilization. They will have to do everything they can to survive, including hunting wild animals, fighting barbarians, and mining valuable resources.

Armed with knowledge of the modern world, the player will lead the local population and help them create a new civilization, progressing through all the stages of social development, from the Stone Age to the Information Age to the Space Age.

The game gives the player an enormous world full of highly varied, realistic locations to explore. Its special Unity 3D-based texture system allows players to immerse themselves in the game world on any device. And the player’s city even features variable weather conditions and time of day.

Age of Evolution has had great success in countries such as France, Germany, the UK, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, and more.

Publisher: 4399
Type of work: interface localization, voiceover
Platform: PC, Android
Genre: action, strategy
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