White Nights 2019 wraps up in St Petersburg


Last week, the international gaming industry conference White Nights 2019 took place in St Petersburg.

The conference is held three times a year in different cities and attracts around 4,500 gaming industry experts.

This time, White Nights was attended by representatives from more than 50 countries, including around 70 speakers from top international companies, from Blizzard Entertainment to Google.

The event featured a host of interesting talks on hot industry topics. For example, Blizzard communications manager Karina Konkova spoke about the use of storytelling in promoting projects, using Battle for Azeroth, the latest add-on for World of Warcraft, as a case study.

A separate conference panel was devoted to a discussion of the mobile gaming market. How to create a project that will stay afloat not for a month, but for many years? How to avoid making a project “too casual” for the target audience? These and other live issues were addressed by representatives of Azur Games, Vizor Games, and Applovin.

Meanwhile, the Logrus IT delegation focused on business tasks, touching base with all-comers on the topics of game localization and international development.

The next White Nights conference will be held on October 16-17 in Moscow.

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