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Logrus IT has partnered with Riot Games to provide localization, testing, and player support for over three years, so we’ve watched the company’s releases with interest.

On October 15th 2019 Riot Games announced their first first-person multiplayer shooter: Valorant. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the game was released on June 2nd as planned.

Valorant takes place in the near future. Players have to fight on one of two teams made up of agents with superpowers.

A game session is comprised of 24 rounds during which one team tries to plant a bomb and the other team tries to stop them. The first group to win 13 rounds is victorious.



Valorant is different from traditional tactical shooters thanks to the varied abilities of its characters — each agent has their own basic and unique skills. For example, Phoenix can blind enemies with a fireball and be reborn, and Omen can teleport anywhere on the map. Each character’s tactical role depends on their ability set.

The developers guarantee a tick rate of 128 for all players. They say the game can run even on decade-old computers. On devices that meet the minimum requirements, the game runs at 30 FPS, but on modern machines it can run at 60–144+ FPS.

To protect against cheating, the developers have created the Vanguard platform, which instantly ends a match when a cheater is detected and returns any earned rank points to the other players.

During two months of beta testing Valorant was played by about three million people.

As of today, Valorant is available to a wide audience on its official website. The game’s first patch with additional content has already been released as well. Valorant is a freemium game: it features in-game purchases that do not affect the game’s balance in any way.

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