Ubisoft announced its television series for Child of Light

Clients Adaptation

Ubisoft plans to create a film adaptation of two of their games within the framework of the Women's Film and Television Fellowship initiative. This program aims to support and promote women in film and television. Participants of the programs chose two Ubisoft projects for film adaptation: Child of Light and Werewolves Within. 

Child of Light is a 2014 role playing game about adventures of Princess Aurora in the fantasy land of Lemuria. The game was praised by critics and gamers alike for the beautiful visual design and original story. By the way, our team localized the game into Russian.

Now Child of Light is going to be adapted for television. Tasha Ho undertook the task of writing the script for the TV adaptation.

The other project, Werewolves Within, is a social multiplayer that takes place in virtual reality. Scenarist Mishna Wolff is adapting the game to create a full-length film.  

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