Logrus IT Goes to Taipei Game Show 2023


Logrus IT Goes to Taipei Game Show 2023

The largest event in the Taiwanese game industry, Taipei Game Show, was held in early February. TGS has been hosted by the Taipei Computer Association since 2003 and includes an entertainment program as well as numerous business meetings.

The entertainment program took the form of a game festival. 300,000 attendees had a blast learning about various gaming devices and the latest console, mobile, and online games.

Logrus IT Goes to Taipei Game Show 2023

Another important component of Taipei Game Show 2023 was the Asia Pacific Game Summit. The summit is part of a platform designed to help integrate Taiwan into the international video game industry. This year it was attended by 1,800 people from 29 countries, including employees from Logrus IT.

According to the event’s hosts, the summit was home to over 1,500 business meetings in which representatives from companies in the game industry had an opportunity to share their experience and exchange contact information in order to facilitate further collaboration.

Indie developers were a particularly important part of Taipei Game Show 2023. TGS was an excellent opportunity for them to find publishers and get a chance to develop their projects. The best indie developers were awarded the Indie Game Award 2023.

Logrus IT Goes to Taipei Game Show 2023

The Asia Pacific Game Summit also included the Metaverse Forum, where attendees discussed issues related to the virtual world of the future, as well as various ideas for developing the game industry.

Events like TGS play an important part in the industry’s growth. They’re an excellent place to see how gamers react to certain games. They also give companies an opportunity to find partners from other countries to help them develop their projects. An important part of any game project is localizing it for other countries. As we’ve said many times before, this step can generate substantially more revenue for the publisher than simply selling the game in its domestic market.

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