Release of Anno 1800

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On April 16, a new economic strategy from the Anno series designed by studio Blue Byte (Ubisoft) was released. Each new part of the series that has been coming out for 20 years takes players to unusual conditions and setting – from the bottom of the Ocean (Anno 2070: Deep Ocean) to the orbits of distant planets (Anno 2205: Orbit).

This time, as the name suggests, the game is set in the 19th century – the century of the industrial revolution and colonial empires. We in Logrus IT had a great time localizing Anno 1800 into Russian and completely immersed ourselves in the charm of the era.



In Anno 1800, you will be able to experience the industrial revolution of the 19th century and open up opportunities for the development of the whole empire. The main task of players is to create a thriving network of interconnected cities. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, players can use a wide range of tools, which can can be classified into three categories: diplomacy, trade, and art of war.

Anno 1800 offers a number of new thematic features: for example, players can send squads of researchers on expeditions to distant lands. The developers have also added a new parameter - "workforce" - to the manufacture control mechanics, which aims to make the industry function in a more realistic and comfortable way. There is also a new resource, oil, which can only be found in South America.

Anno 1800 was released on Steam in April 16, and it can also be purchased as an exclusive offer in Epic Games Store. The game has already received multiple positive reviews from critics.


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