Newzoo: The mobile gaming audience is more receptive to advertisement than others

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The company Newzoo performs marketing research and game industry analysis. Along with Activision Blizzard Media, Newzoo recently looked into mobile gaming audiences with a sample of more than 12 thousand respondents from the US and European countries. The respondents were between the ages 18 and 65.

We picked out some of the more interesting results of the study:

  1. Games are the most widely used mobile applications after social media and online shopping apps. In the age range of 18 to 20 they are the second most used category. Games also clearly split the audience by interest: young men like shooters, while women prefer puzzle games.

  1. Gamers are more likely than other groups to affect the purchases of their friends, family and colleagues. Women give good advice for fashion and cooking products. Men’s opinions are valued when considering entertainment and technological devices. Such enthusiasts are trusted 23% more often than other groups.
  2. Players recognize brands and advertisements noticeably better. The likelihood that a gamer will use your company's services is far greater than for a non-gamer. People involved in the mobile marketplace are much more likely to believe that advertisements can help you make decisions about what they want and to associate advertisements with high-quality products.

The results of the study show an equal gender ratio in mobile gaming: women play games just as often as men do. Of the 12,327 correspondents, half open game apps at least once a week.

You can find the complete study here.

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