Microsoft launches its cloud-based gaming service

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Microsoft has announced the launch of a new cloud-based service, which will allow users to play console and PC games in high quality on low-powered computers and even on mobile devices.

So far, the service is code-named “Project xCloud”. The developers claim that the project will utilize advanced streaming technology, which will allow users to play on any devices. Microsoft is planning to test their prototype already next year by giving access to the service to a limited number of users worldwide. Apparently, Project xCloud will directly compete with the Google technology, which is already testing its cloud service with the help of Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

The streaming service from Microsoft will be compatible with existing and future Xbox games alike. In addition, game developers will not need to spend extra resources on integration of the new service into their games — the company will take care of it.

“Our vision for development of videogames resonates with what's happening with the music and movie industry — they should be available on any device,” said Vice President of Microsoft Karim Chowdhury.

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