Logrus IT at ChinaJoy 2018

Events China

Once again, we took part in the annual showcase of game industry achievements in Shanghai. As always, the sheer scale of ChinaJoy is amazing, which is why it’s considered one of the world’s largest digital entertainment events.



This year, August in Shanghai started on the cool side, at only 30°C instead of the usual 35-40! Since most of the exhibition events were held on the weekend, there was a rush of visitors to the B2C area and long lineups at the entrance, so our delegate Mikhail literally had to force his way in.



But after that, everything went smoothly: meetings, new contacts, and a chance to touch base with our long-term partners from 4399. Finally, exhibition participants attended a gala reception at one of Shanghai’s best clubs, M1NT, to reinforce contacts and relax after negotiations.

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