Localization Nights at Logrus IT

Localization Conference Events

What are Logrus IT employees doing just before the holiday weekend? That’s right, they’re getting ready for one of the most interesting and unusual projects in the company’s history! Here are a few facts to show you just how big it is:

  • It’s a super-urgent translation of subtitles for an international gaming conference (guess which one?), and because of the time difference, the translation will have to be done OVERNIGHT from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday.
  • We’re talking about several hundred thousand words that have to be translated in two nights: Hence the challenge: to coordinate the work of dozens of translators and editors under time pressure and ensure consistency of the translations.
  • More than 100 people - translators, editors and project managers - will be working on the project at the same time. The work will be non-stop in several flows.

That’s the kind of ambitious project we’re involved in. Photos and comments from the event will be published on our Instagram with the hashtag #nightloc. Watch for updates! 


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