Little Witch Nobeta


Little Witch Nobeta

A new project has been added to Logrus IT’s portfolio: the 3D anime-inspired action game Little Witch Nobeta published by Justdan International. Our experts translated Nobeta into German, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian and performed localization testing for the title.

The game was developed by Pupuya Games, and it took five whole years to make! The project began in June 2017, and a demo version was released in 2019. The developers then spent three years fine-tuning the title, creating new characters and gameplay scenarios. Little Witch Nobeta’s soundtrack was recorded by an orchestra from Budapest, Hungary.

The game tells the tale of a little witch named Nobeta who wants to solve the mystery of her past. To do this, she has to explore an ancient castle, battle evil spirits, and hone her magical skills.

Despite its anime-inspired style, combat can be challenging, so you don’t want to underestimate your foes. Victory in battle depends on how well you’ve learned your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. Nobeta has a number of different attacks, from melee to elemental magic spells (arcane, ice, fire, and lightning) that need to be skillfully combined in battle.

Little Witch Nobeta was released in September 2022. The game has already performed well in Japan and was the best-selling game on Steam three days in a row.

It is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.


Official website

Little Witch Nobeta on Steam

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