Kujlevka: an Atmospheric Indie Game


Kujlevka: an Atmospheric Indie Game

Logrus IT’s specialists were involved in localizing the indie game Kujlevka for the American market. Kujlevka was developed by the studio Callback, which is made up of just two college students, Asker Uznayev and Oleg Kiselev. Despite the fact that this is their debut project, it’s already become established in the American market thanks to the company Crytivo.

Kujlevka has been very well received – as of the writing of this article, the game has over 130 positive reviews on Steam. Gamers are calling it soulful, cozy, and atmospheric, and they find its story deeply philosophical and terrifyingly realistic. It’s also gotten high marks from a number of Steam curators.

The game takes place in 1992 in the small village of Kujlevka, where a flying saucer crash transforms this podunk collective farm into the site of mankind’s first encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization. Kujlevka quickly becomes a lively scientific hub, attracting all sorts of people from all over the world, since, as it turns out, the alien vessel can grant wishes.

The player experiences these events from the perspective of Valery Potikhonchenkov, the manager of the collective farm, the village’s highest authority, and the owner of the house the UFO crashed into. Valery’s decisions and actions will determine the game’s outcome.

But Kujlevka isn’t just a story about man’s encounter with an alien intelligence – that’s just the topmost layer of the plot. We aren’t going to spoil all the game’s mysteries for you – we think you should play through it yourself. It’s definitely worth it. The game is currently available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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