Logrus IT Employees Attend the International Game Show


Logrus IT Employees Attend the International Game Show

Employees from Logrus IT’s Chinese branch attended the Global Digital Cultural and Creative Development Conference. The event took place on August 26th as part of the International Game Show in Chengdu.

This is the fourth conference dedicated to the development of the digital world, including digital art. The main topics discussed there have traditionally been animation, esports, literature, film and television, the video game industry, and related fields.

International Game Show 2022

Conference-goers had the opportunity to attend one or more topic-based events, including:

• a conference on digital fine arts
• a conference on research, development, and promotion in the video game industry
• a forum on popular games
• a forum on game globalization
• a forum on musical entertainment
• a forum on animation and digital characters
• a forum on promoting games in other countries

International Game Show 2022

A separate area was also dedicated to networking. This was a great place for game publishers to meet content developers such as graphic artists, as well as content localizers.

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