Logrus IT Attends Game Conference in Chengdu, China


Logrus IT Attends Game Conference in Chengdu, China

Employees from Logrus IT’s Chinese office attended an international game conference on May 26-27 in Chengdu as part of International Game Show.

In addition to problems faced by the growing video game industry, conference attendees discussed issues pertaining to partnership, financing, and investing. Representatives of game development companies and game designers took full advantage of the excellent networking opportunities presented by the forum.

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The development of cloud gaming was a central topic at the conference. Cloud gaming is considered to be one of the most important innovations in modern gaming. According to some evaluations, the cloud gaming marked doubled in size in 2020.

This technology allows video games to be run on a remote server rather than the user’s device. “Cloud gamers” no longer have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive gaming PCs and consoles — the advent of 5G wireless technology makes it possible to launch the most resource-intensive games in seconds.

International Game Show is a major conference dedicated to interactive entertainment and digital technology. It brings together over 2,000 companies that are active in the field of cultural/technological synthesis. This year the conference was attended by industry giants such as Tencent, Ubisoft, NetEase, 37Games, ByteDance, IGG, IQiYi and more.

Logrus IT Attends Game Conference in Chengdu, China

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