G-Star 2017

Events Korea Gamedev

This year was our team's first time at the G-Star conference, which took place on November 16-19 in Busan, South Korea.

At first we were expecting a massive event. Our expectations were based on our impressions from China Joy, a major Asian gaming event. Well, our expectations didn’t pan out. In terms of size, G-Star falls significantly behind the event in Shanghai.

Nevertheless, the exhibition provided us with a comprehensive solution to a number of challenges: it allowed us to get a complete impression of the tendencies in Korean game development, connect with Korean publishers and developers, and meet foreign companies that came to the conference to buy Korean blockbusters and launch them in their own markets.

All in all, we were satisfied with the trip. This was, to a large extent, thanks to the event's excellent planning and organization. When it comes to their event-planning staff, G-Star has its more famous Chinese colleague beat hands down.

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