Far Cry New Dawn: Fun apocalypse

Localization News

February 15 was marked by Ubisoft’s release of the next installment of the Far Cry series. A new setting and new heroes – as localizers, we were particularly interested in immersing ourselves in the world of this game and learning more exciting details about it.

All the action of New Dawn unfolds in the U.S. District of Hope, seventeen years after the events of Far Cry 5. Heroes who survived the nuclear holocaust are fighting for survival in this new world, which – unlike most examples of the genre – is visually vibrant and lively. Players get to challenge the thuggish faction led by sisters Lou and Mickey.   



Some of the innovations of the game include small RPG elements, such as a system of levels for opponents. But in general, there are no significant gameplay changes from Far Cry 5.

The game is already available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.

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