ChinaJoy 2022: The Future is Right around the Corner


ChinaJoy 2022: The Future is Right around the Corner

There’s been a lot of buzz about metaverses and their role in the future of digital society over the last few years. And now, for the first time, one of the largest events into the entertainment industry was held in a real metaverse: ChinaJoy 2022.

The expo took place from August 27th to September 2nd. To get into the virtual space known as MetaCJ, you needed to install a special app on your computer or smartphone. When registering for the event, users could create an avatar and use it to move around the metaverse.

ChinaJoy 2022

The middle of the MetaCJ virtual venue was occupied by a city of the same name surrounded by six exhibition spaces:

  • Gaming hardware
  • Game developers
  • Business
  • Fashion play area
  • Lounge (inactive)
  • Influencer area

The game developers in attendance included giants such as Tencent, NetEase, Shunwang Technology, Sheng Qu, Giant Network, and Perfect World Games. The game accessory area had representatives from AMD, Lenovo, Canon, Beitong, Baiya, and other hardware manufacturers. The gaming platforms area featured AKB48 Team SH, Lu Xiansen Band, Weibo, Baidu Tieba, PConline, Hui Eren, MetaCoser, and MetaGirl.

China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) was also held within ChinaJoy. It took place at the MetaCon conference center, which was also in MetaCJ. Over 40 expert game developers participated in the online meeting.

ChinaJoy 2022

In MetaCJ, each user could choose where to go, what to look at, and which events to participate in. They could chat with other users, as well as representatives at demo kiosks. Special promotions and raffles were also held every day during the exhibition.

Since ChinaJoy 2022 took place in a metaverse, attendees were able to go to many more entertainment zones. According to the attendees themselves, the event was fascinating and jam-packed with content.

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