Bloodroots: mad action from Paper Cult

Releases Localization

On February 28, a game was released on the PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 platforms, and its name hints without ambiguity as to what the game is about. Bloodroots is a dynamic action game that will appeal to fans of bloody showdowns in the style of Asian action movies (the creators were inspired by the flicks starring Jackie Chan).




The main character of the game is Mr. Wolf, who has lived through betrayal and who is burning up with a thirst for revenge. On his journey, he encounters many enemies who he has to fight using any improvised means he can get hold of. Anything can become a weapon - be it agricultural tools like a saw, a rake or a bucket, or even extremely bizarre objects like a carrot or a goose. The most important thing is to keep improvising and to never stop – or you will lose!

We at Logrus IT had a lot of fun localizing Bloodroots into seven languages, including Chinese, Korean and Japanese, as well as translating the description of the game for Steam into 13 languages.


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