Localizing Games for South Korea

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Localizing Games for South Korea


South Korea is a hi-tech country. It’s the birthplace of esports and a number of world-famous titles. In this article we’re going to touch on the primary features and strengths of the Korean market and talk about the finer points of localization.

Game Localization: What LQA is and How It Works

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LQA for Game Localization


A title’s success in a new market largely depends on the quality of its localization. But not even professional localizations are immune to mistakes. But there must be a way to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings once the translation is done and dusted, right? The answer is yes — just use LQA (Linguistic Quality Assurance).

Localization Bugs: Finding Them and Squashing Them

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Localization testing is a comprehensive check of the localized version of a product to make sure it corresponds to the cultural, linguistic, legal, and other norms of the target country.

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