Localizing Games for South Korea

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Localizing Games for South Korea


South Korea is a hi-tech country. It’s the birthplace of esports and a number of world-famous titles. In this article we’re going to touch on the primary features and strengths of the Korean market and talk about the finer points of localization.

Game Localization: What LQA is and How It Works

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LQA for Game Localization


A title’s success in a new market largely depends on the quality of its localization. But not even professional localizations are immune to mistakes. But there must be a way to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings once the translation is done and dusted, right? The answer is yes — just use LQA (Linguistic Quality Assurance).

How to Boost Game Monetization in Developing Countries

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How to Boost Game Monetization in Developing Countries


We recently discussed developing countries and their video game markets. We primarily focused on Latin America and Southeast Asia, which are home to almost 700 million gamers. But there’s a lingering question we still haven't addressed: how can we attract low-income players and convert this number into actual profits?

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